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RJE Focus: Simply the Best Swimming Pool Safety Equipment Available

RJE Technologies, Inc. now offers the AquaGuard Pool Alarm System, proven by testing and certifications to be the most reliable consumer-installed pool alarm system available. The introduction of AquaGuard brings a new level of reliability and features never before available in a consumer installed pool alarm system. Founded by its CEO Robert Jechart in 1999, RJE Technologies, Inc. introduced its patented SonarGuard® Swimming Pool Alarm System in 2003 as the first permanently installed, invisible, and easy-to-use pool alarm system in the world.

Swimming Pool Safety Equipment

The History of RJE and Aquatic Technology

RJE has successfully transferred their knowledge and expertise in mission critical technology to the manufacturing of swimming pool safety equipment.

Our parent company, RJE International, Inc., has vast experience and success with the most advanced underwater, military and commercial aquatic technology. Established in 1991, the company has grown into the world’s leading supplier of advanced diver sonar and navigation equipment to all branches of the military (Special Forces teams, i.e., SEALS), government agencies, commercial, and sport diving markets and has been named to the INC 500 list of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. RJE International is also a leader in supplying the special underwater pingers and homing sonars that ensure recovery of the “black boxes” (flight data and/or voice recorders) to the commercial and military aviation industry.

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